At time of writing, I have used edge for 6 months, both on my Macbook and Windows notebook and must say it is very good alternative to Chrome, lets go over the features, pros and cons of this browser. I will also go over the benefits for this browser as a web developer. Let’s dive right in

Features that real people will use.

Extensions and market place

This is one of the best features and before you guy start saying chrome has this, I know, but the good this is Chrome extensions are compatible with MS Edge, not to mention the Edge market place has gone from strength to strength and growing daily. the use of chrome extensions has made my transition from Chrome to Edge much easier and enjoyable.

Just a quick side note I have tried to move to other Chromium based browsers and they have been less enjoyable and even less easy to transition.

Translate built into browser

In today’s world of international communication and web development this is a must have feature and on that comes built into the Chrome and Edge. This feature has been forgotten by other browsers even until recently Safari (translate is still in beta and only available to the USA, no good if you are in the UK or Australia).

There are extensions available but fail in comparison to the built in version on Edge and Chrome

SegmentHeap RAM reduction

This feature is built into the foundation added by Microsoft making it better for users PC’s and Notebook’s, this feature activly reduces the amount of RAM Chromium Browsers use, Google are looking to add it to the Chromium base but at time of writing they haven’t.

  • Built in Translate
  • Extensions from Chrome and own store
  • Customisable
  • 3 levels of security and privacy
  • Collects Data for advertisements
  • Can be contain bug
  • New tab uses Bing

With regards to the pros and cons, collection data, google does this anyway and are far more aggressive in the use of this data currently, containing bug, with roughly a six week release cycle the bugs are relatively quickly resolved, and finally the new tab can use any search engine with a small new tab extension.

Thank you for reading

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